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Global Leader in Hydraulic Tools and Technology

Enerpac is a global market leader in high pressure hydraulic tools, controlled force products and solutions for precise positioning of heavy loads. Enerpac manufactures products, from the smallest hydraulic cylinder to complete computer-operated lifting and positioning systems, to which provide our customers with innovative solutions that increase productivity, are cost effective, and make work safer and easier to perform.


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Cylinders, Lifting Products & Systems

A complete line of high quality hydraulic cylinders

  • General Cylinders
  • Aluminum Cylinders
  • High Tonnage Cylinders
  • Low Height Cylinders
  • Hollow Plunger Cylinders
  • Long Stroke/High Cycle Cylinders
  • Specialty Lifting Products
  • Lifting Systems

Integrated Solutions – Heavy Lifting

Solutions for precise lifting and positioning of heavy loads

Integrated Solutions – Synchronous Lifting System

  • Synchronous Lifting System
  • Strand Jacks
  • Hydraulic Gantry
  • Skidding System
  • Self-Propelled Modular Unit (SPMU)
  • Custom Solutions

Hydraulic Bolting Tools

Precision bolting solutions for the most demanding applications

Hydraulic bolting tools

  • Joint Assembly
  • Controlled Tightening
  • Joint Separation
  • Bolting Pumps, Ancillary Products

Workholding Tools 

Clamping solutions for every manufacturing process

Workholding tools

  • Collet-Lok Products
  • Swing Cylinders
  • Linear Cylinders
  • Work Supports
  • Wireless Monitoring
  • Power Sources
  • 70 Bar Products
  • Valves
  • System Components

Hydraulic Pumps & Valves

Hydraulic pumps available in +1,000 different configurations

Hydraulic pumps and valves

  • Manual Pumps
  • Electric Pumps
  • Air Hydraulic Pumps
  • Gasoline Pumps
  • Directional Control Valves
  • Flow and Pressure Control Valves

Hydraulic System Components

Ensure efficient operation of a high pressure hydraulic system

Hydraulic system components

  • Hoses, Couplers, Oil
  • Manifolds, Fittings
  • Gauges, Accessories
  • Flow and Pressure Control Valves
  • Directional Control Valves

Hydraulic Presses

Durable hydraulic presses for all workshop applications

Hydraulic presses

Roll Frame Press
H Frame Press
Clamp and Arbor Press
Tension Meter and Load Cells
Press Accessories


Wide range of high strength mechanical and hydraulic pullers

Hydraulic pullers

  • Master Puller Sets
  • Grip Puller Sets
  • Cross Bearing Puller Sets
  • Bearing Pullers
  • Bearing Cup Pullers
  • Posi Lock Pullers

Specialty Tools

Tools designed for maintenance and production applications

Specialty tools

  • Maintenance Sets
  • Punches
  • Lifting Wedges
  • Spreaders
  • Cutters
  • Bender Sets

Mechanical Actuators

Ideal for challenging screw jack applications

  • Machine Screw Actuators
  • Ball Screw Actuators
  • Accessories

Rail Maintenance Equipment

Work site solutions for stressing, lifting and surfacing

Rail maintenance equipment

  • Track Jacks
  • Rail Pullers
  • Lifting Jacks
  • Truck Jacks

Mining Tools

Reliable solutions that maximize productivity and mining safety

Mining Tools

  • Pow’R-LOCK
  • Rail Alignment Tool
  • Toe Jack Kit
  • Lifting Jack

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